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150 Hot Tunes for Fiddle & Mandolin

Transcribed, Arranged and Illustrated
by Steve Parker

Edited by Alan Davis

Copyright © and Published 2007


              Book and CD Highlights

  • Contains 150 American, International and Classical tunes transcribed from recorded sources and arranged for Fiddle and Mandolin with accompanying guitar chords.
  • Standard music notation is used for all tunes.  A simple mandolin tablature is also given for three of the most challenging pieces.
  • The American section features 20 Ed Haley fiddle tunes, most of which have never been published.  John Salyer and John Sharp are represented by 4 tunes each.
  • Fiddlers and mandolin players include Dewey Balfa, Dave Bing, Kerry Blech, Greg Canote, Earl Collins, Clyde Davenport, Mel Durham, Benton Flippen, Rayna Gellert, Franklin George, Bruce Greene, Craig Johnson, Paul Kotapish, Brad Leftwich, James Leva, Bruce Molsky, Jim Mueller, Tara Nevins, Dirk Powell, Tom Sauber, Arthur Smith, "Chirps"  Smith, Rafe Stefanini, Pete Sutherland, Suzy and Eric Thompson and Melvin Wine.
  • The International section contains 32 tunes from Canada, Mexico, the UK, Greece, Italy, Sweden and elsewhere.  Also, 4 Klezmer tunes.
  • The Classical section contains 4 pieces from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Handel.
  • Many photos and drawings of well known musicians and their biographies.
  • A complete index, discography, bibliography and list of websites to explore.
  • The Appendix includes a mandolin chord chart and charts to aid mandolin players in reading standard music notation.
  • The CD created to accompany this book contains all 150 tunes in MP3 audio  format electronically recorded directly from the notation program used to produce the book scores.  They were recorded at a moderate speed to facilitate learning.


          Tune List ...                           

          Table of Contents ...           

          Sample Page, the Cincinnati Hornpipe ...                                                             

          The Cincinnati Hornpipe audio file from the CD ...       

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               Review from the Winter 2007/08 issue of Fiddler Magazine,
               Vol. 14, No.4, by Bob Buckingham


                From the Feb/Mar 2008 issue of the Old Time Herald,

            Vol. 11, No. 3, by Hilary Dirlam .....                       


            From the Spring 2008 issue of Mandolin Magazine,

            Vol. 9, No. 4, by Tim Jones .....                                 

               150 Hot Tunes for Fiddle and Mandolin,  by Stephen C. Parker

            available from:     steveparkermusic@ragtime-resource.com


          Drawings from the book:  Melvin Wine, Dewey Balfa, Tommy Jarrell & Fred Cockerham
          and Ed Haley.


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