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16 Original Piano Rags

All Compositions by Steve Parker

Arranged by Steve Parker and
Aaron Goldstein

Copyright © 2000 and Published 2004


              Folio and CD Highlights

  • This folio contains 16 original ragtime compositions and one waltz.
  • Musical structures are consistent with those used by Scott Joplin and other well known ragtime composers.
  • Six of the rags were influenced by ethnic themes from different cultures.  These include The Cherry Blossom Rag (Japanese), The Dublin Rag (Irish), The Klezmer Rag (Eastern European), The New Mexico RagThe Scottish Rag and The Sicilian Rag (Italian).
  • The accompanying CD contains 17 compositions in a synthesized recording using sound samples from a Steinway concert grand piano.


        Contents of Folio

            01  The Hyacinth Rag                               

         02  The Cherry Blossom Rag                  

         03  The New Honeymoon Rag                   

         04  The Scottish Rag                                      

         05  The Wisteria Rag                              

         06  The New Mexico Rag                        

         07  The Persimmon Rag                           

         08  The Klezmer Rag                               

         09  The Memorial Day Rag             

         10  The Wedding Day Rag

           11  The Cypress Rag

           12  The Dublin Rag

           13  The Peppercorn Rag

           14  The Sicilian Rag

           15  The Cranberry Rag

         16  The Cymbidium Rag

           17  Susan's Waltz

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