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Ragtime for Fiddle & Mandolin

Transcribed, Arranged and Illustrated
by Steve Parker

Edited by Alan Davis

Copyrighted © and Published 2006


              Book and CD Highlights

  • Contains 124 tunes transcribed from String and Piano ragtime sources arranged for Fiddle and Mandolin with accompanying guitar chords.
  • Standard music notation is used for all tunes.  A simple mandolin tablature is also given for four of the most challenging pieces.
  • Many old time string band groups are represented; e.g., Allen Brothers, Dallas String Band, East Texas Serenaders, Grinnell Giggers, Mississippi Mud Steppers, Scottdale String Band, Smith's Garage Band and the Double Decker String Band.
  • Mandolin players and fiddlers include Dave Apollon, Ralph Blizard, Theron Hale, Kenny Hall, Ted Hawkins, Bruce Hutton, Clark Kessinger, Brad Leftwich, Bruce Molsky, Arthur Smith, Benny Thomasson and Suzy Thompson.
  • A complete set of 9 rags from the East Texas Serenaders.
  • A representative collection of Kenny Hall style tunes.
  • Transcriptions of 33 piano rags, including 4 by Scott Joplin and selections from George Botsford, Albert Gumble, Charles L. Johnson, Joseph Lamb, Henry Lodge, Kerry Mills, Percy Wenrich and 9 rags of my own.
  • Many photos and drawings of well known musicians and their biographies.
  • A complete index, discography, bibliography and list of websites to explore.
  • The Appendix includes a mandolin chord chart and charts to aid mandolin players in reading standard music notation.
  • The CD created to accompany this book contains all 124 tunes in MP3 audio  format electronically recorded directly from the notation program used to produce the book scores.  They were recorded at a moderate speed to facilitate learning.  The CD also includes all of the piano compositions from 16 Original Piano Rags in MP3 format.

          Tune List ...                               

          Table of Contents ...                

          Sample Page, the Peacock and Red Apple Rags ...     

              The Peacock Rag audio file from the CD ...                         

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               MandolinCafe News, September 12, 2006
              "A new web site for a book that recently came to our attention and that
              we've reviewed. Ragtime for Mandolin and Fiddle. Highly recommended."

             The following article appeared in the Winter 2006/2007 issue of
             Fiddler Magazine and is reprinted with their kind permission.

            "Ragtime for Fiddle and Mandolin
            -by Stephen C. Parker
            available from Steve Parker at:
           "This book is a gem! 124 (!) rags, drawn both from recordings and from
           the old sheet music. Many of the expected "usual suspects" (Beaumont,
Patch, Dill Pickles) are included. However, this collection digs much
           deeper, drawing tunes from sources as diverse as ragtime king Scott Joplin,
           Smith's Garage Band, the East Texas Serenaders, Joseph Lamb and Kerry
          Mills.  These tunes are eminently playable on fiddle or mandolin and the
          all-important chords are included. Sources, a discography, a little
          historical information, photographs and some of Mr. Parker's drawings
          round out this terrific resource. Highly recommended!
            -- Paul Anastasio (Fiddler Magazine, Winter 06/07)"

         Review from The Old-Time Herald, Volume 10, Number 9,
         February-March  2007, by Tom Mylet

           From the Autumn 2007 issue 51 of the Old Time News (UK),

        by Colin Meadows.....                 

Drawings from the book:  Jethro Burns, Scott Joplin and Fiddlin' Arthur Smith.

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