150 Hot Tunes for Fiddle & Mandolin Transcribed, Arranged and Illustrated by Steve Parker

Edited by Alan Davis

Copyright © and Published 2007

Book and CD Highlights

  • 150 American, international, and Classical tunes transcribed from recorded sources and arranged for fiddle and mandolin with guitar chords.
  • Standard music notation is used for all tunes. The appendix includes a mandolin chord chart and charts to aid players in reading standard notation.
  • The American section features 20 Ed Haley tunes, most of which have never been published. John Salyer and John Sharp are also represented.
  • Tunes from players include Dewey Balfa, Dave Bing, Clyde Davenport, Rayna Gellert, Brad Leftwich, Bruce Molsky, Suzy and Eric Thompson, Melvin Wine, and lots more.
  • The International section contains 32 tunes from Canada, Mexico, the UK, Greece, Italy, Sweden and elsewhere. Also 4 Klezmer tunes.
  • The Classical section contains 4 pieces by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Handel.
  • A complete index, discography, and bibliography.
  • Many photos and drawings of well-known musicians and their biographies.
  • The MP3 CD contains all 150 tunes (3 ½ hours) recorded at a moderate tempo.
  • 162 pages. Spiral bound $35. Order Now

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